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Blue Agate Infinity with Cross Rosary

Blue Agate Infinity with Cross Rosary

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Blue Agate Infinity with Cross Rosary is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind piece, available for immediate shipping. 

Hand beaded with 4mm and 6mm natural blue agate, in sterling silver. Rosary length is 26", 3" from infinity sign to the cross. Infinity is 21mm by 10mm, cross is 25mm.

Final Sale. 

Blue agate, in particular, is often associated with calming and stabilizing energies. It is believed to help balance the aura, which is thought to be an energy field surrounding the body. By stabilizing the aura and eliminating negative energy, proponents of crystal healing suggest that blue agate can assist in overcoming bitterness or trauma. The calming properties of this stone are also said to contribute to improved composure and smooth communication.

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Handmade by me in DTLA for one of A kind journey.


Yes, you are absolutely right, I did made each item with my hands, from mold to polishing, or from hand cutting to soldering - each item in this collection made for your one of a kind journey by me,

~ Creative Galina.