Welcome to our online store, where craftsmanship and creativity unite to bring you exquisite handcrafted silver and gold jewelry adorned with semi-precious and precious stones. Our passion for jewelry-making extends beyond aesthetics; it's a profound exploration of the enchanting world of natural stone healing and magical properties. Each piece we create in the heart of downtown Los Angeles is a testament to the artistry of lost wax carving and casting, resulting in jewelry that exudes a timeless, stylish, and collectable appeal.

New Collection

True Self

Every jewelry piece in this collection is hand carved using lost wax... 

Creative Galina Treasures

"Creative Galina Treasures" Jewelry Collection. "CG Treasures" Handmade in Downtown Los Angeles By... 

  • From: Ariday

    I love one of a kind jewelry and with creativegalina, this is exactly what I get. Her jewelry is unique, fun, and exquisite.

  • From: Vanessa

    I truly do wear it everyday. Unique Jewelry that makes me feel beautiful every time I wear it.

  • From: Pamela

    Knowing these pieces are handcrafted just for me make them so special. The love and care she makes them with are priceless.

  • From: Maureen P. Mottley

    The beautiful uniqueness design and quality of her jewelry can’t be compared to another.  Statement pieces that always have people stop me and ask "where did I get this.

  • From: Bianca

    Highest quality very unique and elegant, I love my handmade Galina jewelry pieces.