About Us

 Creative Galina

Hi everyone! My name is Galina Gegenava, and I’m the woman behind Creative Galina.

I grew up in a family of seamstresses, including my mother, and it was so fascinating for me. I learned about sewing, fabric, and was around amazing creativity every day. 

My father was an antique collector, and he taught me to value and appreciate handmade, quality craftsmanship. I believe I’ve combined everything my family taught me into one brand: Creative Galina.

Fashion was always a part of my childhood. I had a real passion for making clothes and jewelry for my dolls, and now I’m living my dream, designing for the real dolls – YOU!

Jewelry is my absolute favorite! I love everything about making jewelry. The sparkle, the shine, the old stones and the new settings. But I also love working on nails, especially when we can add a little bling! It’s like jewelry for your fingertips!

So that’s me, Galina. I’m multimedia artist, jeweler, seamstress, licensed nail artist and a dog rescuer. I shipped my jewelry worldwide and I’ve been featured in many magazines. I love what I do and I love you for reading my story and getting to know me.


Creative Galina Art Studio