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Handmade in USA, DTLA Dumbbell Jewelry by Creative Galina.

Creative Galina in jewelry art studio in Downtown Los Angeles

A simply creative individual, Galina Gegeneva, is a fitness competitor, model, resilient innovator and jewelry designer that has a pure love for the art of design.  Her personal style consists of fresh, imaginative flirty concepts that embrace femininity and strength.  However, achieving fitness perfection was not easy for Galina; she rigorously fought her way from 184 lbs. defeating anorexia and bulimia to maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle.  Now, at 145 lbs. and abs of steel she serves as a fitness role model and motivator for women from all walks of life.  “Set your mind and just do it. It’s just that simple,” is Galina’s motto to meeting your goals.  “Create your own miracles and have a faith in yourself!”


Dumbbell Jewelry journey started with hands of talented master jeweler Moses Gregorian. For the past few years Galina have been watching him daily and in the begging of 2015 established first production studio of her own and each item made in collaboration of expertise and new innovative ideas. 


Cinematography by Pedro Guimaraes.
Jeweler Moses Grigorian.

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Featured on Jenny Passey Groth Blog "Jen Fits Playground"

Blog: From Anorexia and Bulimia to Obesity and Now Health. 

One morning, I was awakened by overwhelming and intense feelings of starvation and dizziness.  As I stumbled out of my bed and headed to the refrigerator my fragile legs buckled and before I knew it I was overtaken by wooziness. I fainted and completely blacked out! Shortly after, I regained consciousness. I remember thoughts of frustration and fear were racing through my mind, as I Iaid afraid and alone on the kitchen floor.
At this very moment I realized that something had to change!  I had totally become engulfed and consumed with the need to remain “thin”, in addition to growing accustomed to comparing myself to unrealistic body images and expectations.  As a result of my obsession I wrecked my being by diminishing my mind and soul with starvation and regurgitation.  Weighing a meager 112 pounds on my 5’9 frame my body ached for nourishment. My skin was grayish in appearance and most of all I was dying inside.
At the age of 15 I began a career in modeling. I remember quickly realizing that in order to flourish in the competitive modeling industry I would have to maintain a dissipated child-like figure even as an adult.  As I began to mature, maintaining an emaciated figure posed its challenges.  My new found awareness and body image pressures subconsciously conveyed an unhealthy lifestyle, which in return lead me to extreme dieting.  Eventually I found myself actively participating in acts of anorexia and bulimia daily. 
In due time anorexia and bulimia silently began to rule and ruin my life. I knew I needed to face my demons, but I just didn’t know how.  Reminiscing on all the occasions where I ravaged my body by self starvation and vomiting left scars of shame, hopelessness, and disgust.  Additionally, these diseases ultimately isolated me from loving relationships plus encouraged a mind-set of depression, guilt, and shame.
Several years later, I was still fighting traces of depression and shame.  My weight ballooned to nearly 180 pounds and I was a size 14.  Being fed up with extreme dieting restraints I indulged and gave into whatever craving my body desired.  Not having an athletic background or knowledge on how to properly maintain a healthy lifestyle. I found myself once again battling emotions of frustration every time I looked at myself in the mirror.  Weighing 180 pounds was such a blow to my ego and I was becoming desperate to get the weight off.
However in due time, I had an ah-ha moment and registered for a circuit training course while I was attending college. This was my first experience with working out on a consistent basis. My hard work and dedication paid off.  After successfully completely my class paired with a balanced diet I lost 30 pounds and began to establish muscle throughout my body.  Nonetheless as time passed and the demands of life began to mount I slowly slipped into my old habits.
Fast forward to March 2011, I noticed that fat was beginning to overtake my body, yet I appeared outwardly thin. This instance provoked and aggravated me to decisively make a lifestyle change.  I began to read everything regarding fitness I could get my hands on.  More than anything I desired a healthy lifestyle and I was determined to learn how to achieve the body of my dreams and most of all preserve it.  In a short period I start seeing results and discovering muscles that I had no idea existed.  Every milestone encouraged me set bigger and bigger goals.  Eventually I overcame my learning curve and learned how to sculpt, build, and transform my muscle.
June 2011 I met April Deweese, an NPC bikini competitor.  April provided me with a nutrition and fitness plan that I attribute my body transformation too.  On April’s plan my abdominal muscles formed and my body fat decreased dramatically.  In due time I established confidence, learned proper posture, and positioning during exercise.  Subsequently, I began a training regime with personal trainer, which took me to the next level. Currently working out is therapeutic for me.  I can’t leave without it.
The formula to my transformation is simple.  I came to the realization that there are no short cuts.  Not to mention that fad diets and trends, “Do not work long term”.  If I can accomplish and maintain a structured, rewarding physically fit lifestyle anyone can!  I can now state with confidence that I have gained discipline and my commitment to living a healthy lifestyle is stronger than ever.  My biggest gift is my connection to my mind, body, and soul.  My being has naturally aligned my paradigm and wisdom is pouring out of me like never before.  This is just the beginning for me and I am so excited about my future and what my new lifestyle has in store for me.  It is truly a magical time!
I live by the motto, “Don’t wait for a miracle, create your own miracles with faith. Faith in yourself!”  It is just that simple. Set your mind and just do it!