How to Maintain Silver Magic and Sparkle.

For thousands of years, hand crafted Silver Jewelry has been one of the worlds most sought after precious metals. Coveted by royalty in ancient cultures worldwide, this unique and powerful element was thought to be greatly favored by the gods.  These ancient civilizations believed that although the gods’ skins were made of gold, their bones were made of silver.   This noble metal is known to have curative, mystical and supernatural powers. Silvers MAGIC is said to be derived from the moon.  Its strength and power brings life to this metal, which in turn, channels all its energy and magic through to its wearer.  

Protecting your hand made silver treasures is quite easy and requires a little love and care.

  • Maintain its magical shine and sparkle by simply polishing it with a Silver Jewelry Care Cloth.  You may also use one minute liquid silver cleaner, you can purchase one here.  

  • Do not use household cleaning products or other chemicals.  Avoid spraying oil based products, (such as perfume or sun tanning lotions), directly onto your silver.  This may cause it to discolor. 

  • If you do need to wash your silver, simple soap and warm water is fine. Just be sure to dry it with a soft cloth, not a paper towel, as it is far too abrasive.

  • And when you are not adorning your beautiful silver jewelry, simply store it in a cloth bag, or an air tight container, or any zipper sealed bag will suffice.


The gold dipped jewelry takes a little extra effort to keep the sparkle nice and bright. Unlike the silver, the gold dipped jewelry isn't meant to be worn in the shower and to bed. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so be sure to give your necklace or bracelet a break every once in a while. The jewelry should also be kept away from rough or hard surfaces that could scratch and wear away at the gold. If you feel like pampering your jewelry, give it a wipe down with damp cotton cloths or non-abrasive polishing cloth and it will look brand new.

Such an amazing gift is silver. By following these simple guidelines, you can expect your silver jewelry to retain its magic for generations to come.



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