• Top gift ideas for your bestie.
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Top gift ideas for your bestie.

First of all thank you so much for your love and support of my small business. Each order is handmade just for your one of a kind journey. 
And when I say for your one of a kind journey,  I mean for your life path with whom my handmade jewelry piece will travel for a life time ( and if anything need to be repaired, I'm here at your service ;)

This Holiday season is really hard to choose a gift for your bestie. I feel like pandemics totally effected many, you feel lost and bracing the life changes during this strange times in history. I truly believe be wise of selecting the gifts for your friends. Gift something for them to cherish, and get a gift that will last a life time with intention to inspire or be reminder of your friendship values. 

Sometimes you want to get a ring for your bestie, but you don't know your friend ring size? Just get size 7, I'm not saying this size fits all. But I can include ring sizer for 10$ to your order and she can send it back to be sized. You can always give her my contact email galina@creativegalina.com 

Check out all Rings in my store HERE

My top favorite ring is lovely statement for life obstacles and top conversation to item to brake ice 

But I'll be honest bracelet is awesome idea also, 95% size 7" in bracelet will fit many.  Check out all the bracelets items HERE
My top favorite bracelet is Messenger Bracelet. I can engrave custom phrase on it to empower your friend daily with it.
Is your bestie also loves dogs and have more than one? Dog Love Collection is my truly favorite collection. Does not matter what age group your friend in, this collection with bone always means a lot to the dog owners. 
And if your bestie loves collectable Jewelry, you might love few one of a kind items left, Jewelry pieces like this only one made Silver flower Necklace with 14k gold center drops.
And how can I not remind you of Dumbbell Jewelry Collection. We all have that friend who got gym membership and always talking about getting there after Holidays lol This Dumbbell Collection have been motivation for many. 
Is your bestie also mild stoner and open about it? I left few Mary Jane masks available in the sore, cutest Mini Card clips can also used as a roach clip oh and super cute Mary Jane leaf necklace is amazing gift she will cherish for ever (I can also hand engrave initials on it). 
And if your friend silver jewelry junkie, it's always nice to add jewelry cloth and liquid one minute silver cleaner.
And if you truly have no idea what to get to your bestie and you know she will love something in my store, you will never go wrong with Gift Card.
And please comment what is your favorite item in my store that you have already? 
  • Galina Gegenava

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