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After a few months experimenting behind the bench, I ran to my master jeweler for another few words of wisdom. 

What next? I feel like I’m on a roll, but I’m not sure what direction my jewelry is rolling. How long should I sit behind the bench and experiment, because I feel like I can be behind the bench forever and experiment my whole life. But - but! I’m 42, and not really at the stage of my life where experimenting can be lavishly expressed like a hobby/business. 

My jeweler looked me in the eye and he said: “You must choose a direction and build a cohesive jewelry collection”. 

He’s right. I have to focus and manifest one epic and cohesive collection. I have everything I need to start, and with patience I feel like I can reach my goal.

I got home that day and looked at several pieces I’ve made in the last few months. I asked myself - do I have a collection?  I looked at all of the items. All of them represent my journey of what I love and what speaks to my heart, but they are all different elements. It’s like a multiple personality jewelry collection. 

I’ll be honest, I got horrified, questioning: WHAT IS MY STYLE? MY COLLECTION looks like NO COLLECTION! It’s like a restaurant with all the awesome recipes but totally different flavors. And here I’m, again, cock blocking my own path with overthinking.

I stared at my bench and the doubts of my existence started pouring like a mother fucking heavy rain. Voices of doubt, fear, and frustrations started to fuck with me louder than my appetite for sweets. I ASKED MYSELF - WHAT IS YOUR STYLE??? Do you even have one? 

And then I asked myself - what should I do?

Well, I did what I am really good at - I quit. I walked away from thinking of the collection and especially from thinking about the direction of my collection. 

I thought, I will just pray on it. I will give this question to the Man above and with hope, dedication, and focus, the answers will come. Because I had to surrender. I just didn’t know what direction I was headed. I just knew that I love jewelry so much and I make jewelry that makes me happy.

I walked away, away from overthinking and from overthinking what my style is...

And soon I had my AHA moment! All of that overthinking feels so familiar, I’ve been there before, questioning my style. 

As a teenager I struggled to fit in, but yet I always had this one of a kindness. I think it was around my early 30’s when I truly stopped looking for some kind of style and I started to roll as me, more authentically.  And that’s when I started hearing from others – “It is so Galina”. 

And it hit me - I’m the style; anything I love and make is Galina style. 

And just like that, I was reminded to keep moving and focusing on jewelry I love. Jewelry that reflects me. Jewelry that speaks to this time in my life’s journey, to this moment of my existence, to this very second of my presence. Anything I do, anything I love, anything that comes from my heart IS my collection. And it has one direction - to make jewelry that will uplift your spirit and will become your reminder of who you are.  

Many items are currently one of a kind and not part of any reproduction. Many items are just because - because I always wanted that statement ring with some kind of stone for my spiritual healing,  or some kind of dangling pendant to layer with another necklace. I have no idea what is next and how my collection will look by September of 2021, but I know one thing - I know who I will be when I wake up tomorrow - creative and one of a kind - just like my new jewelry collection. 

In Store Now

Sterling Silver, handmade jewelry by Creative Galina.
Silver Drip handmade necklace by Creative Galina, Los Angeles, CA
Silver hand cut Feather necklace, handmade by Creative Galina in Downtown Los Angeles
On the next blog, I will share with you behind the scene creative journey, obstacles and blockages of creative process that manifest each item to life.
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  • Apr 01, 2021

    Omggg I can SO relate to you!! To the overthinking, to the quitting and walking away! But don’t give up- I know you won’t lol- you’re way too talented to hide your gifts from the world ❤️

    — Jen

  • Mar 10, 2021

    I absolutely love everything you make! It is different, it is unique, it is beautiful, and I love wearing it!! I was running late for work yesterday and forgot to put on my (your) jewelry and I missed it!!! It makes me happy and smile. You keep doing you with creating your babies because it is meant to be!!!

    — April B.

  • Mar 10, 2021

    I absolutely agree with you ❤️

    — Helaina

  • Mar 10, 2021

    First I would like to say its amazing you wrote this and are letting people comment, really cool.

    I’ve been also thinking a lot about my creative journey and my age, but life is always happening and everyday is new so its better not to get caught up in where you should be etc. You are doing exactly what you are meant to and inspiring people in the process!

    Your jewelry will just naturally go in the direction it needs to the more you understand and think about it. You may have dreams like I do and wake up inspired by something.

    I always have faith in you..you will figure it all out as you are supposed to, in the meantime, have fun! We all enjoy watching the process X

    — Shannon

  • Mar 09, 2021

    I love this. I really feel like I’m going on the journey with you and learning things that will help me in my journey towards building my own business along the way. 💜

    — Vee Hill

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