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I guess it's time to start talking! Well, I mean blogging and talking about my journey. Creative journey. Just like many others, 2020 should be deleted out of my life book for good, but - but ! Wait. The 2020 pandemic made me really look deep into my creative closet - and I mean that literally and metaphorically.

In the beginning of the pandemic I opened my creative closet in my living room to organize it (trust me it looked exactly like Monica’s secret closet from that Friends episode). I started playing with all the creative projects I did in the past and got deeper into really making whatever I wanted out of all the tools and supplies I had. The 2020 pandemic kept me hostage in a creative bubble. I pulled out my sewing machine and for a hot minute started thinking of walking away from jewelry and beginning a clothing collection.

Growing up in a seamstress’ family, I had a knowledgeable foundation about how to make samples and then put them into production. I knew it would take time, but if I structured myself and didn’t rush, I could patiently build a collection of few things for late 2021-2022. Little did I know, the deeper I started looking into it, the more I realized how the world of sewing – the world that I grew up in - was no longer mine. 

I went to my master jeweler for advice (he helped me build my Dumbbell Jewelry Collection). What should I do? How can I bring to life a brand new jewelry collection? His advice was simple - just stick to the bench.


Creative Galina Jewelry Art Studio

He was right, all I had to do was sit behind the bench and let it come to me. I set up my jewelry bench in my living room, moved things around for the wax injector, cleared out the kitchen counter for the polishing machine, and since I don't cook I use my electrical flat top stove as a counter for the ultrasonic and my tumbler.

I'm not going to say sleepless nights exactly, but lots of hours went by, experimenting and melting, burning and breaking stones - his advice worked. With my dedication and his guidance, this is what I been up to. At this moment, these items are not in the store, and many items might not make it to the store and will only be available upon request. 



These days I'm obsessed with silver rings, natural stones and bezel settings, tiny elements and an overload of magic! The more time I spend at my bench, the more and more I learn to surrender, be patient, and trust the process. 

Visit my Instagram account to see more items that I made for last few months @CreativeGalina 

On the next blog, I would love to share with you the process, the thoughts and creative struggle behind the scenes and I hope I can capture this magic in the right words. I’d love for you to see how some things just work without any explaining or overthinking.

Oh - and the other advice I got from my jeweler that got me stuck for few days (I was definitely overthinking!)



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  • Apr 05, 2021

    Galina- I love watching and listening to you, you are incredibly talented my Friend ❤️

    — Jen

  • Feb 24, 2021

    My Dear Galina. A Wonderful and an Inspiring journey.
    Nice that I got to spend a portion of it with you.
    I m proud and happy for your spirit of taking on a
    New process. Keeping It simple sweetheart, KISS.
    Love your creativity.

    — E Zakoo

  • Feb 24, 2021

    I think we can ALL agree that your work is so unique, so Galina! And only people that have met/know you would understand that statement. Your creations are spectacular and every piece is just as beautiful as the next. Congratulations on finding what truly drives you!

    — Isamara

  • Feb 24, 2021

    You’re so inspiring Galina! Love to see the dedication you have for your creative mind ! Remembering to never quit and keep pushing even when you’re stuck. Can’t wait to read more !✨

    — Amira

  • Feb 23, 2021

    Beautiful story, beautiful work! Trust the process!💫

    — Dan

  • Feb 23, 2021

    So inspiring. Just reading about your story gives me a little more courage to continue to pursue my passion. You are so gifted in your ability to design and create such beautifully unique pieces, and your love for the craft is evident in your work. Thank you for allowing us to go on this journey with you. I can’t wait to see where the journey takes you next!

    - Vee

    — Vee Hill

  • Feb 23, 2021


    I started following you with your dumbbell jewelry and have watched you flourish as a designer! Your positive attitude & spirit are amazing. I’m lucky enough to own one of your unique, original pieces. I love this journey you’re on, and I love that we get to go on it with you. 🖤🖤🖤 Jen

    — Jennifer

  • Feb 23, 2021

    WOW! 😍 I love watching your creativity come to life – whether in nails or clothing or jewelry. You are and incredibly blessed and talented woman ❤️

    — Shelly

  • Feb 23, 2021

    🌈I love your creativity! Loved reading this! So uplifting and inspiring. Good vibes from you always!! Which we all need after 2020! Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful creations and getting inspiration from your next blog! You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. – Maya Angelou ✨

    — Rhiannon

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