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Foster Fail

Last year, during the 2020 mad pandemic lockdowns, I helped my friend Ivona from Kosma Rescue for a day. 

She rescued 13 pit-bulls from the kill shelter at the beginning of this year, 3 of which were adults and 10 puppies. 

On the day of 10 puppies adoption, Ivona interviewed each new owner every hour and helped them to complete adoption paperwork. All Ivona asked me to do is keep an eye on the 10 puppies while she was meeting approved owner.

How could I say no to a playdate with 10, 3 month old pit-bull puppies? <3 

9 out of 10 puppies were sent home to their new owners, except for one little dude. His potential new owner cancelled on him last minute. 

I offered to foster him, while Ivona is looking for a new home for him. Having a 3-month old puppy is a lot of work, but I thought, ‘We’re on lockdown at home anyway,  so why not add a fourth dog to my existing pack?’

To cut the story short, I called that dude, “Junior” and decided to keep him. I know, I majorly failed at fostering. LOL

He came into my life at the perfect time. He helped me to keep my sanity during this pandemic. He kept me occupied and distracted during the Downtown LA riots. He especially got me through with the loss of Kaylah. 

Now every day, he comes to work with me to keep my introverted creative ass company. He spreads joy with his cute face and his lovable personality. 

Who rescued who?

Junior is a full-time employee at Creative Galina & Co. His duties include barking at strangers near our door and giving mommy kisses and attention throughout the day. 

But his most important duty is coming for a walk to the post office to drop off your orders.


This collection was created with the intention to add a little swag to his daily activities. Easy to snap and go, this little accessory gives Junior serious paw-someness!

Junior gets recognized on the streets of Downtown LA when he is on a walk with his dog walker. People and pups alike stop and compliment not just his stunning eyes, but his fancy bandanas. 

They say, Junior is quite pawsh! 

Whenever he wears a bandana that matches my mask, it never fails to start conversations with strangers at a red light or at the store. It gives me the opportunity to share his foster failure story and remind others to adopt, not shop.

But you can shop for Junior’s bandana collection, and help your pup live the pup life like him! 

Junior and I will donate a $$$ percentage from each bandana to Kosma Rescue, so that Ivona can continue to save many more lives, like Junior's.

And if you want to make a just donation for Kosma Rescue, click here

Oh and by the way, Junior paw-ssionately asked me to tell you, “I ruff you very much for supporting Kosma Rescue! You’ll change many pups’ lives! Woof!”


  • Galina Gegenava

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