Blessed 13


Blessed 13

The number 13 is bad luck, right? Why? Because you saw it in a movie, or because of a game you played as a child? What do you believe? Let us dispel with the rumors and misconceived notions. Ignore what you've been told and open your mind.

Did you know that many faiths believe that the so called "cursed" number is actually associated with great promise and blessing? Too many people are vastly misinformed about superstitions and religious beliefs, even their own. Tis true, my friends. Not convinced? 

Consider this:

In Christianity, the "Number 13 Promise" which was handed down by God, is the most powerful, world-changing promise initiated by God, and not "evil", as many have been lead to believe. This divine promise carries with it, amongst other things, hope, love, and the promise of NEW LIFE.

In Norse mythology thirteen was a sign that Magic existed.  Loki, (the trickster), arrived to a banquet as an uninvited 13th guest bearing the gift of a magical spear. In Greek Mythology, Zeus was considered the 13th god. On and on... 

There are dozens of superstitions associated with the number 13, and these superstitions run deep.  So deep in fact that architects will actually omit the 13th floor from their designs.  Yet any reasonable person would know that doing so technically makes the 14th floor the same thing as the 13th.  Changing the name does not change a physical entity.  Now... Is it bad luck? Only if YOU believe it is.

So, what is luck? Meeting your favorite actor in line at Starbucks, that is awesome luck!  To be surrounded by those who love and support you everyday, that is truly Blessed. Imagine bending down to pick up a dollar you find on the street and miss bumping into the love of your life. Luck vs Blessing.  It's the difference between momentary happiness, and eternal bliss.  So, let's not worry if 13 is lucky or not. Just know it is BLESSED.

Blessed 13 dumbbell necklace is the next great line in the blissful world of Creative Galina & Co.  Made of Oxidized silver, this amazing piece needs no polishing. In fact, the more you wear this gorgeous item, your Essence leaves its mark, giving it more beauty, and yes of course,



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