Royal Dumbbell Couture Necklace


Glitz and glamour, sparkling jewels, fabulous parties, and feeling like you’re living in a fairytale.  Such is the life of a Royal.   Look at any picture of royal families throughout the ages, and you will see them primped and preened to the nines, wearing their silkiest gowns, and proudly adorning their finest jewels.

 With the same pride and joy, we give you the newest addition to the Creative Galina line,The ROYAL DUMBBELL COUTURE.  These phenomenal dumbbells attached to its heavy silver chain are enough to make anyone feel Royal, especially those who love and live the fit and healthy lifestyle they represent.  Hand crafted of the finest silver, this 16” necklace will rest gracefully around your neck showcasing the eight, yes eight, silver dumbbells. 

 Why Eight, you might ask?  Well the answer lies within the strength the number itself.  The number “8” has long been associated with wealth and power.  People with strong ties to the number “8” have been known to make fortunes in their lifetime.  Is it success you seek?  The number eight deals largely with success in business and personal accomplishments.  This is due to the fact that “8” symbolizes continuance of the cycles, as “8” has no beginning and no end.  Those associated with eight are known to be granted great strength of mind.  Simply put, it is like a snowball effect, as it continues to roll; it gets bigger and bigger with each revolution.  Momentum is created in all your endeavors.  Magic!

 As with allCreative Galinacreations, you will always find that element of Magic intended just for you.  So raise that regal head of yours, and display the Royal with pride, as you have now adopted all the Magic and power it possesses. 

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