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Dumbbell Jewelry Family

Welcome to Dumbbell Jewelry family.

Each size created with the intention to meet your needs and style. Dumbbell jewelry family currently comes in 4 sizes.

Dumbbell Jewelry Size Chart

Dumbbell Jewelry Size Chart
Dumbbell "Large"

Dumbbell "Original"

Dumbbell "Mini"

Dumbbell "Tiny"

Each Dumbbell has each own character.

Dumbbell "Large" would be the option for jewelry to stand out. Goes perfect with larger pieces of jewelry or by itself like a trophy of your achievements and goals.

First ever made Dumbbell "Original" is in your "MOST WANTED" list, comes in largest variety and styles. If you doubting how will it's fit you? I guarantee this size will fit your heart and soul to be noticeable enough to share your passion of fit life in style.

Dumbbell "Mini" was born with the intention to step into the world of gold but started with an option in silver for my ladies on the budget and passion to "Fit Life for Life". This absolutely perfect size is beyond suiting for delicate ladies, for minimalist style or perfect layer to your existing jewelry collection. And yes you can absolutely get this size to your younger generation who is looking up to your achievements and learning from you how to live fit life for life.

Big achievements achieved in tiny steps and why I decided to bring you even smaller dumbbell for yellow and white gold. Dumbbell "Tiny" is a perfect size to be hidden in the collection without dumbbell and became part or new Creative Galina Treasures collection as a secret and tiny reminder of how far you came along.

If you have any questions, please email me at galina@creativegalina.com


Creative Galina aka @dumbbellqueen

  • Galina Gegenava

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