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I feel very blessed to be able to bring into the world the Dumbbell Couture line. It is a symbol of strength and passion brought to life by dedicated craftsmen to preserve the age old tradition of handmade jewelry. As my company grows and I get deeper into the heart of jewelry making, I admire and love to collaborate with other innovative artists that still believe in their craft and still believe in making one of a kind work.

I would like to introduce you to an original artist who makes jewelry by hand in her beautiful studio in Downtown LA. Please meet ERS Creative designer and craftswoman Eilen R Stewart.

Located in Los Angeles, California, ERS Creative is the work of artist Eilen R. Stewart, who designs and fabricates high fashion jewelry for men and women using recycled Bronze and Sterling Silver as well as precious stones and other natural materials.  ERS Creative is dedicated to keeping production of work in the United States. Each piece is given individual attention from the team to ensure highest quality of craftsmanship and aesthetic. Eilen and I have a few interesting things in common: We are both Russian immigrants, women and rising new business owners.  Having both overcome great hurtles, we believe that if we can achieve our dreams than so can you and even pigs can fly.  This Winged Crowned Pig with Dumbbell is a collaboration between Creative Galina and ERS Creative. It is a symbol of strength, hope, and endurance. Let it be a fashionable and unique daily reminder that anything is possible so put on your crown, grab a dumbbell and spread your wings.
  • Galina Gegenava

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