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Best Quick Silver Cleaner

Tarnished silver ? How to maintain your shine on your Silver Dumbbell Jewelry or Creative Galina Treasure? Try this awesome silver cleaner, easy and quick and never let you down.

"Brilliant" Silver Cleaner - Best Quick Silver Cleaner


Recommended for cleaning sterling, silver-plate, brass and copper jewelry. 

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Brilliant Silver Cleaner - Best quick silver cleaner for home.

Directions: Place your handmade Silver Dumbbell Jewelry or collectable jewelry in dipping basket and leave it to soak for 10 to 45 seconds, depends how tarnished your jewelry. Remember its will also remove factory decorative oxidized finish. Remove, rinse in warm water, dry it with a soft cloth. For longevity of your shine and prevent oxidizing use Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloth to give fine shine to your piece. 

Jewelry  care cloth


Your other alternative to clean silver at home can be this old school remedy: Place tarnished silver on foil, pour over boiling water, sprinkle over a good quantity of baking soda – at least a few Tbsp. Watch as the tarnish moves from the silver to the foil. Repeat again as necessary. Once clean, remove from solution, wash well in warm soapy water and buff dry with a soft cloth.