Larissa Reis - girlie girl.



Larissa Reis IFBB PRO - girlie girl.


I can not explain in words how blessed I feel to know so many amazing and inspirational athletes. I would love to introduce you to one of my favorite athlete who inspired my journey in a world of bodybuilding. Please meet Larissa Reis IFBB PRO figure competitor, fitness model and a business woman. Many of you probably would like to know what does she eat, how does she train and this but this simple interview not about that. It's about getting to know a inspirational woman who is no different from you and I and I wanted you to see her with my eyes. Simply beautiful from in and out, woman of a discipline and passion for healthy lifestyle in style. 


C.G.: How do you start the day when you at home in Vegas?

L.R.: It really depends on how my schedule for the day looks like.
If I could choose, I would always start the day with my cardio session, powered by Nutrex Lipo-6 triple stack (Unlimited, CLA, Carnitine).
For me it works great, I can literally feel it giving my metabolism a great boost.
Also, as many of you know I am a Buddhist practitioner and a very spiritual person for a long time, so I like to take time to meditate in order to enrich and feed the mind and spirit constantly... so that can be another start of the day.
Lastly, I would just take my breakfast at home or at Protein House and then start my day.

C.G.: I absolutely adore the way you simplify your life and only have needed items to function, but what item you can't live without in your cosmetic bag?

L.R.: If I had to pick only one while keeping it simple and basic I would say a moisturizing cream. It have so many applications and benefits, it’s a must-have and a staple.
Then, eyeliner, eye shadow, lip balm / lip gloss (not in a particular order).

C.G.: Hair, nails, facials - what is the girlie thing you must do?

L.R.: For the hair, I simply love to try different hairstyles even if it’s just for any of my photo shoots or competitions.
 Nails, let’s see… new colors regularly, even combining several. As well as adding some paint art to it. For example when I travel to another country I usually paint their flag in one nail, along with the right colors for the rest of the nails.
Finally, facial treatment… scrub cream, moisturizing cream and sometimes face masks with the properties of those two together.

C.G: Who is your favorite fashion designer?

L.R.: I love Chanel but Christian Louboutin shoes… makes it easier to turn him into my favorite!

C.G: Between work and training, traveling and personal life, how do you rest?

L.R.: The good thing about doing what we love is that we are constantly enjoying life itself and all the moments. Don’t get me wrong, this lifestyle is very difficult but I love it. It’s something that ignites my inner fire like nothing else.
I always take one day off the week so I can focus on my rest, both mentally and physically. Some vacations here and there when possible and that’s all I need, rest is set to minimum. I’m busy living my life to the fullest. Mindset is everything.

C.G.: From traveling all over the world, what is your favorite place that you must always go back?

L.R.: It’s impossible to narrow it to just one favorite place.
I am always excited to go back to the countries where people have received me before. I am fortunate to say that I am always treated and welcomed with great kindness and love. That’s priceless… I have no favorites, I am from the world, I am worldwide!

C.G.: We also know you are a dog owner, what’s your favorite activities with Bella?

L.R.: She’s my baby and my companion, if I could I would bring her everywhere with me… but unfortunately that’s not possible.
Nonetheless, we have lots of great and fun moments together.
Running, playing, relaxing… everything! And don’t forget about my bulldog, George! They are my loves.

C.G.: You are a busy woman and always on a go, what is your favorite snack?

L.R.: Muscle Infusion Shake; Protein House dishes on-the-go and some Protein House Double Chocolate Protein Brownies are some of my top choices.
All of that with my 6 Pack Bags and Cyclone Cup! Eating good and with style.

C.G.: From last time visiting you I Absolutely love your menu in Protein House, what is your favorite dish?

L.R.: It’s my own restaurant so needless to say I love everything about the menu… although I must confess I’m pretty crazy about the signature bowls and signature salads. lol
Side by side with a signature juice / smoothie and it’s the paradise!
I mean... the possibilities to create / combine your own dish are endless.
That’s the magic!

C.G.: And what advice would you give to any woman who is on a journey to new healthy life?

L.R.: First of all, memorize that patience, consistency, determination and love are the key to success. As much as we all would like, results will not come overnight.
Second, don’t let any negative aspects bring you down. They will exist, but you just have to turn each and every one of them into positive thinking.

All of that while surrounding yourself with positive people, that people that can inspire you to keep going.
Very important, set several but small goals so you can get self-rewards / achievements from time to time to keep the motivation in there.
Lastly, smile and have fun! Enjoy your life and enjoy the process of the journey.


Thanks everyone for the outstanding and daily support, it truly means the world to me!
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