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Age is just a number

Stacey Naito, journey to inspire.

As we face the new season of spring and my creative life with Dumbbell Jewelry takes a new direction, I promise to introduce you to more amazing and one-of-a-kind people. People whose journeys will inspire you and remind you to keep moving in life and not to give up on your dreams and goals. 

Last year, at my first Olympia Fitness Expo in Las Vegas, I finally got a chance to chat a little with Stacey Naito at my booth with Dumbbell Couture Collection. Of Japanese and Hungarian heritage, this exotic beauty had always caught by my creative eye. We stayed in touch and Stacey later visited my Dumbbell Jewelry studio in Downtown LA. We sat down for a little girly chat and got to know each other and shared our journeys. It was really mind blowing how we were able to relate on so many levels. 

In her early 20s, she struggled with anorexia and out of all people, especially with a medical background and IFBB PRO status, I would never have assumed she could have faced this kind of battle in her past. We will never know what people have overcome until we open our hearts to the world. After her close friend confronted her about her unhealthy appearance, with a strong will to change her life for the better, she put a stop to her old ways and discovered the world of fitness.  Through sleepless nights and long hours of schooling, she still managed to work out and live a full life with a healthy lifestyle. Her brief but powerful resume shows that she’s got brains, beauty, and a IFBB PRO title. And what’s even more inspiring is that she is celebrating her 50th birthday this summer—and not even being secretive about it. She said to me, "My age is an inspiration for other women in their 40s; I would never hide it.” 

Stacey Naito inspiration of the month
Stacey Naito resume :

Dr. Stacey Naito is a board-certified physician and published medical researcher who harbors a strong passion for fitness.  She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Occidental College and began working as a fitness trainer immediately upon obtaining her degree.  Weight training became an integral part of Dr. Naito’s daily routine, even during her post-doctoral residency training which at times had her working up to 120 hours per week.  As a result of her determination to continue training while tackling an extremely rigorous schedule, she sent a strong message to patients and colleagues that it was indeed possible to make exercise a priority, even in in the face of a demanding workload.

Dr. Naito’s interest in fitness grew into an all-consuming and life-shifting focus when she began competing in the Bikini Division of the National Physique Committee (NPC) in 2009.  She quickly moved up the ranks and eventually attained IFBB Professional Status in July 2013 at the NPC Team Universe in Teaneck, NJ.  She has competed in four IFBB Pro events since winning her Pro Card.  

When not working as a physician, Dr. Naito also models, writes for numerous fitness, wellness and bodybuilding entities as well as her own blog and coaches people who are on the contest circuit.   Her involvement in fitness, coupled with her medical expertise, has provided her with a powerful platform through which she can inspire patients and clients to reach their ultimate fitness and wellness goals.

 Inspired? I hope so, to follow Stacey journey visit her website


Stacey is representing her journey with "Baby Doll" Dumbbell Couture Necklace. 



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