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Many of you who staying in touch with Dumbbell Jewelry news via Facebook or Instagram might remember I did give away at Los Angeles fit expo of one of a kind Dumbbell Necklace. After two days at the expo I had over thousands names to pick from. Following late night Monday, after long 3 moth in preparation for the expo I stayed late to pull the name as I promised on social media. I shaked glass jarr in all direction to make it fair, while reaching out for the name I was asking Heavenly Father please choose some one who honestly and purely deserve to represent my craftsmanship. I pulled the paper, ripped open to see contact information and could not believe my eyes, her name was Angel.

I called Angel next day for shipping address and out of curiosity asked her if she working out daily and if fit lifestyle in her daily life. There was many visitors who just staring new fit life or keeping a company to fit friend. I was mind blown when she shared her story with me I had to introduce her to all of you.

Please meet Angel Shounia.


Her fitness journey was not easy, but she stood up for her self and achieved what many afraid of - making a change for your own good.

In her own words: Well, when I was younger I used to be over weight and always struggled with my weight. One day I was sick of hearing people putting me down about my looks so I decided to change the way I looked and I started eating healthy and working out. Completely all on my own I lost 35 pounds and haven't looked back since. I felt so amazing losing the weight that I knew I had a passion for fitness and health and knew I needed to help inspire other people to do the same thing I did and live a healthier life. I now am a NESTA certified personal trainer and work at 24 hour Fitness Super Sport on Irvine center drive in California.
Thank you again and God bless you,
Angel Shounia 

I hope many you get reminded why you stated your own fit journey, I hope many of you make first steps towards healthy life and I hope one day I get to share your story on this Blog #GALINATIZED 



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